Download KMSpico 11 Activator For Windows & MS Office [2020]

Download KMSpico Official Activator Latest Version 11 : Are you looking for KMSPico Windows Activator? If yes, then You are at right post.

Today I’m going to share the exact method to use and download the KMSpico for free.

If you don’t know about KMSPico or know a little bit about it, then let me talk about it first.

Talking about KMSpico,

KMSpico is one of the best tools and most popular/Successful also, for the lifetime activation of your Windows and Office product by Microsoft.

It gives you the opportunity to activate your Windows and Office Products for free.

I am sure, You are better aware of the importance of MS Office and Windows if you have PC, You can not enjoy the unlimited features of these without activating your windows.

Well, this post is for those who are using Trial version of Windows, If you are one of them, then this is a must read the post for you to activate your windows step-by-step for free.

Yea, You just heard right above. You’ll get the activation for free by using our software KMS pico.

Why You Need KMSpico Activator?

Using KMSpico, You can activate any Windows version above XP. ( Like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 )

Running Trial Windows is like having a bat without a ball.

Talking about the Price of Windows + Ms Office, They both cost nearly about 300-800$ depending upon the products. That’s why we need an activator like KMSpico.

I’ll be drafting out all the things in step so that You don’t get any kinda confusion about any part. I’ll try to cover each and every possible part.

I recommend you to bookmark this web page  ast this is going to be a long post and We are sharing some tricks also so.

Now, Let’s move forward to the next post.

Does KMSpico malware or contains Virus?

Big NO! As we provide only genuine activators, this will be genuine too.

Our KMS-Pico or any activator does not contain any kind of malware and Virus neither we get any type of issue in past.

I am sure, You have a question in your mind. Why Antivirus blocks it and marks it as a Virus? Right?

You need not worry. This is one of the successful Windows Activator, And Antivirus never lets you activate Paid programs in free that’s why they force you to buy this.


Please use it without any worry or hesitation. It does not create any harm. I have also used it and for me, It worked like charm.

Want to Know more about KMSpico Activator?

KMSpico is one and only one of the best successful activator of 2016-2017 without any problem.

It can activate Windows from 10 to Vista or Office from 2007-2016. And What is the interesting part?
You’ll be getting all of this for free.

Basically, It is a software that needs to be installed on your computer and after installations, You will get all the process in the software itself.

With just one click, It will activate all your windows & M.S Office. And It’ll not just activate for months, But…

You’ll get a lifetime activation.

Support Windows program:

  1. Windows 10 activator
  2. Windows 8.1
  3. Windows 8
  4. Windows 7
  5. Windows Vista

Microsoft Office program support:

  1. Office 2016 activator
  2. Office 365
  3. Office 2013
  4. Office 2010
  5. Office 2007


How does KMSpico Work?

I think, there are many people who still don’t know how it will work.

So let me explain it.

KMSpico is a very powerful activator which will replicate the trial version and in that place, It will activate Windows and Office with the full version.

First of all, We need to install the trial of Windows and M.S Office and after that, we have to use the 30 Day Trial.

You can use KMSpico before 30 days.

Talking about the software, It’s a very simple and user-friendly software which runs smoothly without causing any activity and gives you well performance, and 100% satisfactory Activation.

So here we have finished about on how KMSPico works. I will again recommend you to follow this post step-by-step.

Features of Latest Version of KMSpico:

In this section, I am writing about the features of KMSpico you can get after using this software.

I am pointing out some best features of the latest version of KMSpico and I’ll draft it out in briefly.

 Get Activation like Original: As we all know, It’s an activator which gives us the opportunity to activate our windows fully. None can identify your PC as it is activated Original or not activate. This is the top-notch quality of this software.

Life Time Activation: After using this software for activation, There is no limit and no expiry date of activation. You will get a lifetime activation for free.

No Detection: Are You worried about what happens if I update my Windows and any other update from windows? Will they detect it?
Well, You need not worry. You can update any programme and any system without a single problem.

Supports 32-Bit & 64-Bit Operating Systems: Well, It supports and works like charm for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems. I hope this part is clear to you now.

Safe and Virus Free: This software is 100% safe and free from any kind of Trojan, Malware and virus. So don’t think about this part anymore. I am attaching a screenshot of Virus Total, I scanned the file there only for you to clear this part also.

There are many versions of KMSpico which are available on the internet but believe me most of them are providing crap links and shit or nulled KMSpico. I hope this is clear now.

One Click Activation: With just one click, You will get the Windows & M.S Office activated easier.

Totally Free and User-Friendly: It is totally free and user-friendly. No hidden charge or anything will be taken from you. We have made this Activator only for you for the best solutions.

Believe me, There is no any activator-like this and Successful one too so Go for it.

Do you want some proofs of activation? Yes?

Then, I am also attaching some Proofs or say snapshots of activations.



Above is the Screenshot of my Windows activation.

And Below, I am attaching the M.S Office Snapshot so that You’ll be confirmed about the software and It’s activations.


I hope You are now confirmed about the activations. Well, There is a bonus for you. I am writing about some more features of Latest Version of Download KMSpico.


  • It’s the latest version software and has been made more professional only for you.
  • It is so easy to use it and User-Friendly too.
  • One click to update your software.
  • Lifetime activation with enjoyment services.
  • Supports different languages in Microsoft Products. It is a bonus for you.

Why Should You You Use Only KMSpico?

This question has sometimes raised in your mind. Let me clear about this also.

  • The software is less than 5Mb.
  • It takes small system resources and requirements.
  • Renew Activation.
  • Full Safe and Secure.

I think now, It’s too much for one to know about KMSpico.

Now Below, I am going to provide the Download Link. Your wait is over now!!


Wait before,

Patience is the key. Let’s move ahead.

How to Download KMSpico Latest Version in 2017?

In this section, I will be writing about how to download KMSpico for free. There are many sites and blogs who are providing crap and Ads download links. But In this post, We take care of our Users.
We are going to provide the real, neat and clean download link of KMS Activator or free.

I have also attached the Virus Total Image above so that It will clarify all the things.

I have downloaded and Uploaded it safely only for you mate.

I have tested it from my side and Believe me, It’s working like charm.

If you will face any problem, then Mate, Feel free to comment or contact us.


So above I have provided the download link along with password so It will be easy for you to download and install.

How to Install KMSpico Activator and Use it?

First of all, you need to disable your Antivirus. It’s a Must need thing to do before installing.

If you are a Windows 10 User, then Man, You will have to disable Windows Defender too. This is a powerful In-Built Antivirus for Windows 10 Users. So disabling it will work.

Now, I am writing out about how to install it and make use of it. I am also adding a video so that You will not get a single problem from it.

Requirements: You must have .Net Framework 4.0 or above to run this framework.

  • Turn Off Windows Firewall and Antivirus from Your Pc. Do not worry, It’s 100% safe.
  • Now Download KMSpico from above download link.
  • After downloading, You need WinRAR installed on your PC or any .Zip extractor. Just extract it to your desired folder.
  • Now, Open and install the KMSpico.exe file.
  • After installing, Open KMSpico and You will get an Exact Step-By-Step Guide there.
  • You will also get the activation button there.
  • After Activating, It will show a Popup like Successfully Activated.
  • BOOM!  You have got your Windows & Office activated successfully at no cost.

NOTE: If You have still having problem in installing, Then I am adding Two videos below. You can watch them and understand the whole concept behind it. 

Please watch it and Activate Yours too.

If still problem, then Comment below.


So here are the videos I added Above. Don’t forget to watch it.

About the Developers:

This software is developed by Team DAZ. He is an awesome guy I know so far. There are many successful activators and loaders which had been developed by him also. You can check them from below.



I hope All thing is clear now and You have successfully activated your Windows & Office. If you have any problem, then Feel free to contact us and comment below too. We need feedbacks from your side.

And one important thing, If you feel that we need to add anything extra and any link is not working, then share it below also.  Please, Don’t forget to share this. Thanks, Have a Good Day Ahead!